New Fav Shower Products

It is that time of the year again where I am slowly running out of all my shower goodies! I have recently purchased some products that I have been loving. They are luxurious and perfect for everyday pampering especially during the quarantine!


Okay so lets start off with face wash, just like food I love the the products that I put on my face to be clean and simple as well! The brand is called OY-L it is a zero chemical skin care brand that is known for their clean ingredients. I just purchased their natural manuka honey face wash and it is absolutely amazing, it has a very nice neutral smell so it is not too overpowering and really gets the face clean and smooth. What I also love about this face wash is that it is great for all skin types! Click the picture below to be taken to the website!


I don’t know about y’all but I am addicted to smelling amazing! Body wash is one of my favorite things to try out, I love having that long lasting delicious smell all day! Not all body washes do that so when I found this one I was immediately impressed! Molton Brown is already a very luxurious brand so there is no surprise at the quality of their products. They have a ton of different scents but I decided to go with the Rhubarb and Rose scent. I am not lying when I say that I smell good almost all day and have no need for perfume! Click the image below to be taken to the website!


I love buying haircare products it is definitely a bad habit of mine! But recently I have tried the Molton Brown Purifying shampoo that I believe would be great for all hair types! It doesn’t just clean my hair it really makes it feel soft, light and super healthy. Click the image below to be taken to the website!


It seems like I have been on a Molton Brown kick lately but their products are just too good! I actually decided to switch it up and instead of getting the matching conditioner to the shampoo, I got the glossing conditioner instead! This really does make my hair smell great ALL DAY LONG. It also leaves the most gorgeous shine to my hair, definitely going to be repurchasing this product more than once. Click the image below to be taken to the website!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and is enjoying their weekend at home!

As always

Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot


Finding a “New” routine

The world has definitely taken a turn this past month, and with restaurants closed, bars closed, and just about everyday activities, we are finding ourselves with a new way to live. Most of us are working at home unless you have an “essential job” that requires you to leave the house. Today I want to talk about routine and how to find a new routine or switch up your old one. For me routine has always been a HUGE part of my life, it gives me purpose and makes me feel complete. So for me this was definitely a change, I already have been doing online classes for a few years now so doing classes from home was nothing new, for me it was going from working almost 8 hours a day to being at home all week. Personally I have been enjoying being at home, I love my family and I love this time to decompress and really focus on myself and my health. Below I am going to give some easy steps to keep your life going through this weird and scary time

  1. Don’t SLEEP all day!- Sleeping more than needed can put you in a funk, and actually make you feel depressed, find a time that is easy for you to wake up at and make it a daily thing during the week, and then on the weekends maybe treat yourself and sleep more than usual, it is all about balance! I currently wake up around 7:30 to 8:00 every morning and then the weekends I wake up about 8:30 to 9:00 in the morning.
  2. Find a workout routine you love!- Whether it is an at home workout, runs outside, or even a walk around the neighborhood. Find something that keeps your endorphins high. Gyms, and workout studios may be closed but that doesn’t mean we can’t workout! I know a lot of workout classes are doing live workouts or instagram story workouts to help everyone stay active! Working out can also enhance your mood and make you feel happier!
  3. Staying somewhat healthy!- I completely understand wanting to just eat all day especially being bored (LOL), but keeping yourself busy will keep yourself from mindlessly snacking, such as Facetiming all your friends, maybe shopping online or window shopping online, play with your pets, annoy your family there are so many options! (LOL) I also like to only have healthy snacks around the house so I don’t accidentally eat a whole thing of candies or something not to good for you. Also if you think about it, it is the perfect time to kickstart a healthy lifestyle! No buying lunch for work or class! You could easily learn how to cook and make healthy meals all day, if your time allows it.
  4. GET OUTSIDE- If the weather allows it, go outside!- Take a walk or even lay outside to get some sun! Now is the perfect time to take in the beautiful weather and enjoy the moment.
  5. Keeping up with the news and staying updated- I think this is very important, I think focusing on oneself is important during this time, but also making sure you know what is going on in the world and you are keeping up to date and practicing social distancing is extremely important. I am lucky to have been put in a home with a stocked fridge and a warm bed so I am thankful for that and trying to keep the best and most positive mindset during this time!

As Always

Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot



My Skincare Must haves when Traveling!

Happy Friday Chickens! Today I will be talking about my skincare routine when traveling. Skincare has always been extremely important to me even while traveling! I have a few trips coming up so naturally I will share my top skincare picks! First off I really don’t like to take a lot with me, just the basics is really all I need. Below will be a list!

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Face wash
  3. Face oil (I use this instead of moisturizer)
  4. Jade Roller
  5. One or two face masks
  6. Clarisonic
  7. Self tanner (if I am not on a tropical or beach vacay)


First on my list is sunscreen! I cannot stress enough how important this step is especially if you are going to be in the sun on your vacation! I tend to forget sunscreen when I am not on the beach, so this is something I am trying harder to use on a daily basis because wrinkles are no fun! SuperGoop has a really amazing powder one that I will link below! I also love SunBums for when I am laying outside all day!

Face Wash

Washing your face is important especially if you are going to be wearing makeup, or sweating all day! So have a good quality face wash with me at all times is a must! My current favorite right now is my Boscia one! I rarely wear makeup so having a good skincare base is important!

Face Oil or Moisturizer!

I ALWAYS have a face oil with me no matter what! My go to is Jojoba oil because it leaves your face soft and smooth! I also love my U.F.O oil by Sunday Riley! Making sure you replenish your skin with that moisture after washing it, is an important step especially if you are going to be traveling on an airplane! Traveling through air can seriously dehydrate your skin!

Jade Roller

I guess this wouldn’t be a must for must but for me it is! Jade rollers are known to help de puff and get the blood circulation back flowing in your skin! So if you drink a little to much on vacation it is nice to wake up and have this to massage your face in the morning and it feels really nice! Like a mini facial at your fingertips!

Face Masks!

I don’t know about y’all but I am a face mask queen! I absolutely love them! Depending on how long I am out of town for I will usually bring one or two! I always love to bring one that helps with clogged pores or a sulfur one! My favorites are Origins and Peter Thomas Roth! I feel like sometimes on vacations if we are in a different environment our skin can act up so having a mask that can restart and reset the skin is a must-have in my suitcase!


I absolutely love my Clarisonic if you don’t know what that is, it is a spin brush that helps cleanse your face when you are washing it! It really helps get all the gunk and makeup off your skin without leaving any residue!

Self Tanner

When I am on a beach or tropical vacation I usually won’t bring this, but if I am going somewhere where I would love a little glow I will bring a good self tanner Coco and Eve is my favorite!

As Always

Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot



What I Eat in a Day!

Happy Friday Chickens! I don’t know about y’all but I love watching videos, or reading posts on what people eat in a day, I just think it is so interesting! Everyones body is different so I believe depending on how you digest certain foods, eating healthy can be a range of many different options! For a little disclaimer I don’t calorie restrict or count calories, there are certain foods I don’t eat for ethical reasons or because I don’t digest them well, but overall I really don’t believe in restricting how much you eat, I believe in eating lots of clean food until you are full and satisfied! So on that note lets get on with the post!

Breakfast Time!

I don’t eat the same everyday single day but what really stays consistent for me is my breakfast! I always eat two meals every morning, if I have work I will workout at 6am or 6:30 am and then eat my first meal after that, have my tea or coffee than eat my second meal ten minutes before I have to leave to work! EVERY SINGLE morning I ALWAYS drink at least one glass of water before I put anything into my body, I feel like drinking water is a great way to refresh your digestive system and wake you up! My first meal is ALWAYS fruit. Fruit moves through you the fastest so you should always eat fruit by itself and before any other meals. Recently I have been eating half of a papaya with lime every single day! In the summer I love mango, banana, cacao nibs, and cinnamon to start my day, but mangos aren’t really in season so I have been sticking to papaya at the moment! After my fruit I will drink my matcha or coffee depending on what I am feeling that day! I always put oatmilk or coconut milk in my tea or coffee! My second breakfast is most likely either avocado toast or a smoothie! If I am in a rush I will stop by Kale ME Crazy and pick up a smoothie before work, if not I’ll make my own! Bananas, peanut butter, and spinach are just a few of my favorite ingredients to put in smoothies! For my toast I will use some sort of healthy bread like Dave’s Killer Bread and mash avocado on top with tomatoes and lots of everything but the bagel seasoning! (from trader joes!) Overall I am a BIG believer in eating breakfast it really is the most important meal of the day! Starting off your day right is the key to success and eating should be just as important as everything else you have to do!


Okay my lunch honestly varies day to day! If I have to work I will either bring my lunch or buy my lunch depending if I want to treat myself that (LOL). If I am purchasing my lunch for work, I always make sure it is extremely clean and healthy because feeling heavy and tired at work because you ate something greasy and bad for you is the worst! I love the vegan wrap from Kale ME Crazy, that is usually my top pick for when I am eating out! Now most of the time I really prefer to make my own lunch since buying food can get pretty pricey! When I make my food I usually will do sautéed veggies on a bed of rice or quinoa, I also love big salads with lots of fresh veggies, and lastly I really love chickpea pasta with marinara sauce from the brand Rao’s! So delicious and extremely healthy! Overall I eat mostly plant based with the occasional seafood dish here and there, but when I eat at work I always eat veggies, they give me the most energy and don’t make me feel weighed down and tired.


Okay so for dinner it can really depend on the day! I always at least have some sort of vegetable or salad! If I have meat it will always be either a fresh wild caught fish, or sautéed shrimp, but usually I am just eating veggies with a grain such as rice or quinoa, or beans and rice! Another dinner option I love which I also love to make for lunch if I am not working are vegan tacos! I will buy gluten free corn tortillas and stuff them with yummy mixed veggies or just beans, rice and salsa! I can eat 3 to 4 of them and they are so satisfying!


If you think I just eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner you are so wrong! I eat snacks a TON of snacks! I believe in eating A LOT of clean and healthy food, it is what keeps me going and gives me so much energy! Okay so to move on to the snacks! I have a range that I love to choose from! First off popcorn, such a easy snack to eat especially while working, when I am at home I love gluten free tortilla chips with guacamole or salsa! I also eat nut mixes, veggies or pita chips with hummus, and even healthy protein bars such as the Go Macro brand! Also other drinks I may drink during the day besides water are usually tea and sometimes a juice from whole foods it really depends on the day! If I drink coffee I only drink one cup in the morning, more than one cup is way to much caffeine for me!

I hope y’all enjoyed my what I eat in a day! Just remember eating clean is the most important! Calories don’t matter if you are eating healthy and feeling good! I used to restrict my calories and let me just say I think I look better and way more toned now than I ever did! Food is here to heal us not hurt us!

Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot




If you know me you know Tie dye is my absolute favorite! Something about colors twisted together in a gorgeous pattern makes me so happy! I have so many tie dye items I decided to compile several of my top picks this season! Linked below are some of my favorites! Click the picture to be taken to my Shop Style where you can shop all these amazing looks!

Shop Style Collective

As you can see I like to style my tie dye pieces in multiple ways! In the summer I love a cute cropped tie dye shirt with some soft light wash Levi’s or even over a bikini by the lake! In the winter I pair velvet tie dye skirts with long turtlenecks for a more winter vibe. Oversized sweaters like this Cosmo one from Free People is a great way to make a tie dye statement in the colder months! All of these products and more are linked to my collage I made up top!

My Fav Brands for Tie Dye

Obviously this trend is popping up in almost every brand nowadays, so here are several of my favorites I have been going back to nonstop!

  1. AgoldeThis brand is known for their amazing denim, but they also have curated some pretty awesome tie dye pieces as well. I currently own one of their sweatshirts and bodysuits both complete with tie dye and they are the most comfortable items I own! Agolde is just such an effortless brand, it is pretty pricey but definitely worth it!
  2. Free PeopleA brand that I will never stop buying! Free People holds a special place in my heart since I worked their for almost two years! But besides that they really do carry one of a kind pieces that not many people will have! The pullover I am wearing in my featured image is the Cosmos Pullover from Freeps and is definitely going to be my most worn item through spring and summer!
  3. Z-SupplyThis brand is not linked in my shopstyle but I will link the item I own here! This brand is great because it is amazing quality but for half the price of an Agolde or Free People item! Z-supply can be directly bought from their website or it can be found in many small boutiques!
  4. Urban Outfitters-Last but not least, urban has some amazing tie dye pieces and for a pretty good price as well! From tie dye socks to tie dye band tees, this brand is an amazing place to stock up on this coveted trend!

As Always

Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot



How to Stay Healthy on Vacays!

Obviously a vacation is time to relax and let go, but being able to stay healthy and feel good especially if in a swimsuit all day, is really important to me. I know I have a view vacations coming up, so here are some of my tips on how I stay healthy while traveling!

  1. Don’t over do it on the alcohol- Yes vacations are fun and a time to drink, but if you drink to much you most likely won’t be able to enjoy your time either, you will be in bed all day feeling like sh*t! My thing is if I am going out that night I won’t drink during the day and if we are doing a little day drinking sesh I won’t drink at night! It is all about balance! Nothing is worse than missing a whole day on the beach just because you wanted to binge drink till 3 am!
  2. Find time to be active!- Whether it is a walk on the beach or a local cycling class, find some time to get active, overall it will boost your mood and make you feel accomplished for the day! You are already relaxing all day might as well add some routine in there!
  3. Treat yourself but just don’t over do it!- It is okay to treat yourself to your favorite unhealthy meals when out of town, but instead of going crazy for every single meal in one day, balance it out! Maybe eat healthy for breakfast and lunch and then have a favorite for dinner! It is all about balancing healthy with unhealthy!
  4. Drink lots of water!- This is an important one especially if you are going to the beach or going to be in the sun all day! Sometimes we can get lost and drink one to many coronas on the beach. Always have a water bottle at hand because blacking out on the beach is not a cute look.
  5. Don’t feel pressured to do something just because everyone else is- If you are on vacay with your family or even friends, don’t feel like you have to do what they are doing! If you want to workout and eat healthy do it! If you don’t thats fine too! Don’t let others opinions be the deciding factor on what you do on vacation!

As always

Stay wild, and Stay Barefoot



What kind of vacations are y’all going on this coming season!?

Spring 2020 Trends I am Excited About!

I don’t know about y’all but I am ready for some warmer weather! So what better way to get in the Spring/Summer mood than talking about some upcoming trends that I am getting excited for!!!

Trend 1: Tie Dye Baby!- Tie Dye was extremely huge last Spring/Summer and slowly trickled into Fall/Winter, but I am seeing that tie dye is definitely staying for Spring 2020!! Some of my favorite ways to wear this trend is loose tie dye pullovers, skirts, and even dresses!!! Below are some of my favorites of the season. Click the names of the items to be directed to the website to purchase!

Lush Tie Dye Pullover

Z-Supply Tie Dye Pullover

Lovestitch Tie Dye Pullover


Trend 2: Highlighter Colors!!!- Last summer I purchased a lime green oversized sweater and ever since then I have been seeing these fluorescent inspired looks EVERYWHERE!!! Now it may seem daring to try, but start small like with a neon bag or shoes so you can add that subtle pop of color! Below are a couple of my favorite neon items!

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 2.16.00 PM.png
Easy Street Neon Tunic

Lush Lime Green Pullover

Trend 3: Crochet!!!- I am slowly seeing a come back of not just your grandmothers “everyday crochet blanket” I am seeing gorgeous crochet coverups, bags, and even cute little dresses, below is one of my favorites I found from Free People that would be perfect with some sandals by the beach, or even a denim jacket and some chunky boots as a transitional outfit!

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 2.38.12 PM.png
Shailee Slip

Trend 4: Clean Neutral Vibes- Even though Neon is a huge trend I am also seeing a huge rise in neutral looks and very clean simple polished outfits! I love a good beige and white outfit combo especially for the Spring and Summer, below is a gorgeous mini skirt and top that I found from Free People that would be perfect with some tan leather sandals in the summer.

Lost Highway Mini Skirt


Overall these are just several trends I am looking forward to sporting this coming Spring 2020! What trends are y’all looking forward to? Leave your answers in the comments I am always looking for new trends to try!

Stay wild, and Stay Barefoot




7 Ways I am being Sustainable in 2020

It is no secret that our earth is in need of help. So if each of us changes at least something in our everyday lives we together can make a huge impact on our mother earth. Today I am going to be talking about things that I am changing in order to be more sustainable. Nothing extremely drastic, just little things that can really make an impact in the long run.

  1. Using reusable water bottles- Now I know there are moments where we need to buy a plastic water bottle, but try to limit buying cases of water bottles. Buy a hydro flask or hydro cell and try to use that everyday in order to limit your carbon footprint. If I have to buy a water bottle at the store I try to buy one made out of recyclable materials or boxed water!
  2. Not supporting fast fashion and renting clothes instead!- Clothes can be expensive so turning towards places that sell clothes for dirt cheap can seem appealing to my credit card at times, but it is terrible for the environment. Buying quality clothes from nice brands that don’t support fast fashion and promote environmentally friendly products has been a huge goal of mine. I also love to rent clothes, it is a great way to weave trendy products into your closet without being married to the trend for life!
  3. Bringing reusable bags to the store!- Making sure I bring reusable bags to the stores that hand out plastic bags is also an important goal of mine this year! Also shopping at places such as Trader Joe’s and Whole foods instead because they have brown paper bags which are way better for the environment!
  4. LIMIT PLASTIC STRAWS- I have most definitely used my fair of straws in my lifetime, so saying no to plastic straws and using my metal one or paper straws instead is a goal of mine this 2020.
  5. Don’t support toxic meat and dairy industry’s- Overall I am pretty much meat free besides some occasional seafood here and there. Not supporting industries that deforest precious lands just to produce meat and dairy. When I buy meat or cheese I make sure I am buying wild caught seafood and organic products.
  6. Being cautious of the brands I choose- Making sure I choose brands that don’t test on animals and are focusing on being environmentally friendly is extremely important to me. I pretty much only use organic oils on my face and organic powders for when I wear makeup! Also using organic deodorants instead is not only better for my body but the earth as well.
  7. Supporting Small Businesses- Supporting small business owners especially ones that promote being environmentally friendly is definitely a way we can make a change. When we support huge corporations we are only making them grow and make more money. If we want to make a change we need to start small, such as going to your local farmers market to buy fruits and veggies, instead of a huge corporate grocery store.

These are just several ways I am trying to make a change. There are many more that need to be done. But if each of us takes baby steps like these we can really make a difference in our carbon footprint.

My Winter Must-Haves!

The Holidays may be over but winter has just begun!!! Today I am going to be talking about some of my favorite winter must haves especially during the cold months of January and February!


A good puffer coat!!!- A good puffer coat that is rain resistant is a staple in my closet! I love how you can dress it up or down! I can wear my puffer coat with my workout clothes to a pilates class or over my work clothes for a chic work look. The one I am wearing in my blog cover is from Rent the Runway!

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 10.37.37 AM
NVLT Leopard Cire Puffer Jacket

Some Basic turtle necks!- Now I love trendy items but having staples like plain black and white turtlenecks are important in my closet. These items are amazing for layering and can be dressed up or down! Below are my favorites from Niki Biki.

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 10.22.57 AM
Niki Biki Solid Black Seamless Turtleneck


Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 10.24.22 AM
Niki Biki Solid White Seamless Turtleneck

A Pair of Boots that can be worn with Everything!!!- I have the Czech Boot from Jeffrey Campbell and I am obsessed! I love this neutral suede color they go with dresses, pants, and even skirts! I also love how they are comfy but also have a chunky heel to give me a boost in height!

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 10.41.21 AM
Jeffrey Campbell Czech Boot

A pair of jeans you can wear with everything and anything!- I am a huge denim gal! I love jeans, I actually have way too many but there is always that one pair I could wear every single day! Find yourself some denim that you can always count on! Below are my favorite pair from Levis!

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 10.46.50 AM
Levi’s 501 Skinny Jeans


Happy New Year Chickens

Stay wild and Stay barefoot!



New Year New Goals!!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!!! The holidays are finally over which means a New Year is literally right around the corner!!! I love the holidays but I love a fresh start even more!!! There is something about getting your ducks aligned and healthy habits started that really makes me happy!!! Following through your New Years resolutions can be one of the most rewarding things! Today I am going to be talking about some of my main goals for this coming New Year.

Maintain my healthy lifestyle- My resolution for 2017 was to eat well and workout 5 to 7 times a week! I have been doing that ever since then, so maintaining this healthy lifestyle is always a goal of mine! If you don’t have healthy habits and want to start this year I suggest going ALL IN! That means just bite the bullet and go for it, getting into it is so much harder than actually maintaining it! Once you obtain your healthy lifestyle it is actually really hard to go back to be unhealthy! I know when I eat something unhealthy or don’t workout I feel worse and my mental health is not as sharp as it usually is.

Career Driven!!!- This year I am going to be focusing on driving my career even farther! I have made lots of changes in my job this year and making sure I am learning and driving for success is always a goal of mine!

SAVE MORE- I honestly think this might be the hardest for me because I LOVE TO SHOP! I am for sure a stress shopper so learning how to only shop for when I need something or something I will use nonstop is a goal of mine this 2020.

GO out of my comfort zone- I LOVE to get in a comfortable routine whether that is with my work life, hobbies, my health, or even my relationships. Learning how to stray away from the everyday routine will help me grow as a person. Maybe trying different workout classes, trying all vegan for a month, and going hiking instead of going out are some things I would love to try!

NOT drinking for one whole month in 2020!- Now I am not a big drinker in general I really only drink a glass of wine or one beer maybe once or twice a week sometimes not at all. But going completely sober for one month straight really would help align my mentality! Alcohol is basically poison, so not drinking for a long period of time can really help clear your mind and make you a lot happier!

Be MORE organized!- I am already organized in my work and school life, but organizing my closet and getting my room together is going to be top priority for me this year! I have SO many clothes and finding space for them and getting rid of them is going to be something I work on.

Be Sustainable!- The earth really needs our help and this past year I have been cutting out straws and started using reusable water bottles so doing more sustainable things is a top priority! Such as renting clothes, not shopping from cheap fast fashion stores, and using reusable grocery bags.

Not letting stupid things bother me- Sometimes I let little things ruin my day, such as someone disagreeing with me or someone not listening or just when things don’t go my way in general! So learning how to let go, take a deep breath, and swallow my pride is something I really need to learn.

SAY NO- I am a people pleaser 100% and have been working on this the past couple of years but still could be better. Learning how to say no when I don’t want to do something is okay! Good friends will understand and not be upset especially if it is for school, work, or a family situation. Friends and loved ones shouldn’t put you down for wanting to succeed and better yourself.

Most Importantly HAVE FUN- This is a goal for me every year! I always want to focus on smiling and having fun! Learning to let go and enjoy life is so important at the end of the day! We only have one life so enjoy it while it lasts and while we are young!!!

I would love to hear some of y’alls 2020 resolutions and goals!!! Leave in the comments below!!!


Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot