Why I gave up coffee for good!

Hey dolls!!! So today instead of fashion I wanted to talk about something more lifestyle/health related. I wanted to talk about coffee consumption and why I no longer drink coffee drink coffee every morning and really don’t plan on ever going back to having a morning cup of joe.


To get on with it, coffee today is a HUGE in our society, especially in the United States. Recently in the past decade I would say it has become pretty normal for us to purchase giant venti cups of coffee multiple times a day, (like it is water LOL), while in Europe and other countries a small cup of coffee in the morning or after a meal is sufficient enough. I have most definitely been a victim of the coffee trend I used to get nitro cold brews almost every morning to give me that caffeine fix, I would be wired for a good two hours and than BOOM I would crash and feel pretty awful. I honestly did not know why I was feeling this way so I did some research and coffee can dehydrate you immensely which is why if you do like to drink coffee you should be replenishing yourself with tons of water.

I know I know you all may be thinking how are you even functioning without coffee especially when working? At first if you are an avid coffee drinking giving it up will definitely be hard and you will have withdrawals, but after you get through that period your body will feel amazing. I am no longer bloated, no longer need a nap at 2 in the afternoon, I overall have an incredible mood and am super upbeat for most of my day, and most importantly I feel as though my mental state is balanced meaning I am able to get done more in one day than I used to because my mind and body feels so great. Of course in order for this to work you need to be eating a healthy balanced diet as well because if you eat like crap just giving up coffee won’t solve any other health issues you may have. I replaced my morning coffee drink with my favorite Matcha Latte which is what I look forward too every morning when I get up, I add honey to make it taste sweet and steam coconut milk for a milky flavor, but you can use any time of milk or sweet substitute that you would like. Other mornings I will drink a smoothie or a juice.

The difference in how I have been feeling is crazy I feel sooooo amazing all day instead of having my usual extreme caffeine highs for an hour or two and then crashing. Especially if you purchase your coffee from Starbucks instead of making it yourself, it will have a lot more caffeine than if you brew your own coffee. Having beverages that nourish your body instead of deplete them of vital nutrients can really change the way you take on your day, and it can also affect the way you look because if you feel good you look good. You can buy juice, matcha, or smoothies ready to drink at a lot of places such as Starbucks, whole foods, Dancing Goats, Kale Me Crazy, and etc. But to be honest I prefer to wake up a bit earlier and make them my own not only do you save A TON of money, you can curate your own favorite morning drink with the ingredients that agree with your body the best! Of course I am not against treating myself with a cup of coffee here and there but now I look at coffee more as like a treat than a staple in my everyday diet.

I have been coffee free for about two months now and not only does my skin brighter, my stomach feels flatter, and my mood has increased immensely. Below I will share my favorite matcha brand, favorite coconut milk, and my absolute favorite smoothie to drink before or on the way to work!

Also here are some fun little facts chacha matcha posted comparing coffee and matcha!


My all time favorite coconut milk I use for my smoothies and my matcha!


My favorite unsweetened Matcha!


My Favorite at home Smoothie Recipe (so easy!)

  • One whole ripe banana (I like it to have some dark spots on it, makes the smoothie sweeter)
  • One hearty tablespoon of peanut butter (preferably unsweetened and organic)
  • A handful of spinach or more
  • A cup of ice
  • Depending on how you like the consistency of your smoothie a cup to two cups of unsweetened coconut milk
  • Blend it all up and it should be a gorgeous light green color and it will taste like a peanut butter milkshake!!!
  • Then top with some cacao nibs (I just sprinkle them on top)

(Below is the smoothie pictured) IT IS AMAZING!


As Always Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot



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2 thoughts on “Why I gave up coffee for good!

  1. Ugh I’m desperately trying to give up coffee – especially at work! I’ve changed to having a dirt chai (basically a chai latte with a shot of coffee) to try and reduce how much I have, but maybe matcha is something I need to try…? x


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