These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

Ah Yes, its finally boots/booties season! My favorite season for shoe shopping would definitely be fall, I feel as if all the designers make the cutest shoes in the fall and just want us to spend all our money! Shoes are not big for me that much in the summer since I am usually never wearing shoes, but when the cooler weather comes my bank statement definitely sees a few too many shoe purchases.

08CB181D-DBDB-4CC6-9C04-3CEB1E0DBD06.jpgOkay so moving on to my favorite part ALL THE BOOT TRENDS!!! I have been living for the trends I am seeing this fall. I have been seeing lots of boots that are not very tight around the calf and that go up to exactly under the knee or mid-calf. I personally love this trend I love a slouchy/ loose looking boot, it is just so effortless and easy to me. Pair them with jeans, a mini dress, a maxi dress, basically anything and you look ready to walk the fall runway. Animal print as we know has been huge for a while especially with clothing, but recently I have noticed animal print shoes GALORE, such as python print, leopard print, and even zebra print!! I have already given into this animal print shoe trent I actually just purchased some GORGEOUS Jeffrey Campbell boots from ShopBop, I am calling these boots my “Must Have Boots of Fall 2019” because they literally embody every boot trend this fall, loose around the calf, right at the knee, and of course snakeskin!!! If you would like to get your hands on these bad boys I will link them below. I am most definitely going to be wearing these in all of my Instagrams this fall with NO SHAME whatsoever. Another shoe brand that I am LIVING for and that you definitely need to add to your cart is MATISSE. This shoe brand has SO MANY different bootie options, I still have my pair of booties from them last fall and they still are my number one shoe I wear with everything. Ankle booties are always on trend in my opinion and Matisse always has all your ankle bootie needs! I will link and post pictures of all my favorite booties and boots below for y’all to shop!

Untitled Design.PNG

Lastly I want to talk about spending money on good quality items. You do not need to be covered in designer clothes head to toe to look chic and amazing. Accessorize with higher end products and wear normal priced clothes it will literally change the game. Shoes and purses I believe need to be good quality because if you have a “cheap” outfit and you add a nice pair of shoes you will instantly look more expensive, classy, and chic. I really do not like to spend less than $40 dollars on a pair of shoes because I love my shoes to last and want to be able to wear them for longer than 2 months without falling apart. I still love and have my booties from Matisse last year and still plan on wearing them through Fall 2019 as well. You can see the picture featured on the front of my blog I am wearing those gorgeous Jeffrey Campbell Snakeskin boots and it instantly makes me look Fall 2019 Runway Chic. Below I made a collage of some of my FAVORITE Matisse booties this autumn season, that I of course plan on buying. I pictured a dupe of my Jeffrey Campbell snakeskin boots and also another snakeskin bootie from Vici Collection that are at a more affordable price! And of course all the quick links are below so you can scoop up all the AH-MAZING shoes. Start shopping Ladies!!!

42 version of my boots.PNG



Shop All the boots and booties with the links below

Jeffrey Campbell Entuit Tall Boot

Xenia Python Slouch Boot (Jeffrey Campbell dupe)

Willa Python heeled boot

Matisse Fair Lady Bootie

Matisse Moon Walkin’ bootie

Spirit Snake Print Pointed Toe-Matisse

Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot





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