Making Healthy a Lifestyle Not a Diet

One of the things I am pretty passionate about besides my love for fashion is my health. I was pretty healthy growing up as a kid, but about around my Junior year of high school I got really into eating super clean, counting calories, working out, and so on. Needless to say the way I was going about being healthy was not healthy at all, I was restricting calories and losing weight rapidly, I also didn’t feel that great. When I went to college the first semester I kept going with that same diet I was doing in high school. Needless to say it slowly faded because I wanted to have fun and party. I went straight from restricting so many calories and not drinking to drinking almost every night, which honestly is pretty normal in college but because of it I stopped having any willpower to workout. Slowly second semester of freshman year rolled around and my drinking habits increased but also my food habits changed, while I was still eating pretty healthy during the day I would have my 3 am binge eat after drinking all night, because of this I did gain quite a few pounds, while I didn’t look “fat”, just looked a bit more filled out a curvier, I felt awful. The drinking and eating late at night really effected my mood, I had no drive and felt lazy more often. The start of my sophomore year I craved my old healthy habits and wanted them back, I was quick too cut out alcohol which kind of annoyed my friends but it was the best for me because it taught me how to balance my drinks instead of having that “all in or not” mindset that I always had. Fast forward to second semester of sophomore year, I made my new years resolution to work out everyday, I had to have that drive to do it everyday or I wouldn’t at all. I changed my eating habits of course and immediately felt better I had so much motivation again I applied to my first “real” job. It was amazing I had all this new energy and could power through an 8 hour work day. Now of course it wasn’t all that quick and simple the past 3 years since then, I have definitely experimented with different ways to eat and I have slowly learned what my body loves and what makes it feel good. I believe in making healthy a lifestyle NOT a restrictive diet. Learning what makes you feel good is a journey it doesn’t have to be instant. You can still eat foods you want without harming your body. What I mean is change your mindset to “I am going to eat healthy and workout to feel good”, not to get to a set end goal weight, if you say that you will fail because the moment you hit that target weight you will feel as though you can stop and will just relapse into old unhealthy ways. If you focus on bettering yourself in the long run the outside appearance will slowly start to follow you as you change your ways.

12.PNGOkay so y’all may be wondering why I feel the need to share my health journey. Well recently my motivation and confidence has skyrocketed and I wish for everyone to feel the same. I believe it has something to do with the way I treat my body and how I fill it with nutrients that power me through the day. Obviously I am not a dietitian and have no place telling others exactly what to eat and how to live a healthy life. But it doesn’t take a scientist to realize we live in a society of caffeine and adderall addicted young people who are starving themselves of actual food. I believe food heals us, we try so much today to keep ourselves moving with a cup of coffee after another, popping addy’s at 2 am to finish that last minute paper, or pulling a last minute all-nighter in order to study for that history exam. I think we try so hard to fix our problems with substances instead of realizing the healthy foods and water can really solve many everyday issues that we have. It really is that simple. I wake up naturally around 7:30-8:00 am everyday with no problem at all, I crave fresh fruits and veggies, I rarely crave anything bad for me and when I do I treat myself with a healthy organic version of whatever I choose. Because of this my energy levels have gone up, my skin glows when I wake up(no joke), and I overall have the energy to wake up and workout everyday and go straight to work. Now you may be asking “Well I work all day, I don’t have time to make healthy meals for work or to even workout”. Those are just excuses if you really want to make a change YOU WILL! Now my answer to making things a little easier in the morning is to meal prep the night before it is a literal GAME CHANGER I do it all the time and it makes getting ready for work in the morning a breeze. If you don’t like to wake up early to workout, workout after work! Personally I prefer to wake up early to workout because it really gets my endorphins running and allows me to have a chance to wake up and really be prepared for my day. Another tip I am pretty passionate about is DRINKING MORE WATER!!!! I know everyone is tired of hearing it but water really does heal and make you feel better, I carry a huge 40oz hydro cell with me to work everyday, I make sure I drink the whole thing at while at work. Just remember, we live in a time where anxiety and depression is just too common. Obviously there are other factors that play into how me mentally feel, so the least we can do is treat our bodies right in the long run. Make healthy a lifestyle not a diet.



Comment below if you would like me to do a detailed blog post on “What I eat in a day.”

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Tips for staying healthy without having to break the bank

  • Invest in a good blender (I use a VitaMix for my smoothies)
  • Buy your own frozen fruits so you don’t have to purchase 9 dollar smoothies (you can make them at home yourself!!!) You will save so much money!
  • Buy a reusable water bottle so you can refill and stay hydrated throughout the day (also plastic water bottles can be costly over time and they are also horrible for the environment, so be eco-friendly and by a reusable one!)
  • Meal prep the night before a busy day (also bring healthy snacks to work as well so you won’t be inclined to eat your lunch early and then spend money on another lunch
  • On another note wake up early and give yourself that quality “You Time” before you start your day it will overall help you take on stressful challenges throughout the day with ease

Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot




Ninja(A cheaper alternative to the VitaMix)

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 5.18.22 PM.png

My Hydro Cell

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 11.03.45 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 5.17.22 PM.png











VitaMix Blender

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