How I Became a Morning Person

If you really know me you know I am a HUGE morning person, I take mornings to a whole other level. For me it’s a chance to wake up, get my shit together, and pave the way to conquer my day. Now I have never been one to sleep in really late, I have been one to wake up 30 minutes before I have to leave for work or class, which in my opinion is “waking up late”. I believe starting your day 3 to 5 hours before you have to answer to anyone but yourself is extremely important! When I started my first “job” I started to realize the importance of having that time to myself, not only was I happier at work I had soooo much more motivation! For me I like to work out in the morning because it gives me that time to myself with out my phone just my mind, body, and soul where I can connect with my inner self. After I work out in the morning I love to have that time to make my breakfast and sip on my tea or coffee while watching TV or working on my blog/homework! It is just so nice to not be in a rush in the morning. Obviously not everyday is going to be perfect obstacles will be thrown my way, but at least having that time allows you to not let little things ruin your whole vibe Some people call me crazy but I think I have found the way to success! You may think you need those extra hours to sleep, but if you go to bed just a little bit earlier you will get those same extra hours to recharge your body! Make your rest and yourself a priority! Also I understand that people with kids have a different story and different obstacles and struggles but I still don’t understand how people that are unmarried with no kids manage to be so tired and grumpy all the time! YOU have so much time to yourself enjoy it while it lasts! Starting your day off right is a big key to success. When I have to work my 8 hour job I like to wake up at 6 am to workout or 7 am depending on what kind of workout I have planned that day. When I don’t have to be at work all day and can work from home I like to allow my body to sleep in which for me is naturally waking up around 7:30 am to around 8:30 am. From there I make breakfast get a lot of school work or blog work done and then I work out later in the day! Now a days even when I have no alarm and allow my body that time to sleep in I will wake up naturally so early! I love it because it means I get my whole day and none of it is wasted!

Okay so lets get into some of my top tips in becoming a morning person!

Tips on how to make your mornings not a sh*t show!

  • GO TO BED EARLIER!!!!! (if you have trouble sleeping try a sleepy time tea or some melatonin, or try cutting out technology before bed sometimes staring at your computer or cell phone before bed can cause some restlessness
  • If you don’t work 8 hours a day or work from home try not to nap during the day! napping will make you not as tired when it is actually time to go to bed. (of course if you are completely exhausted a nap is must but if you are trying to get to bed on time and wake up earlier I highly recommend you don’t nap!
  • Don’t casually drink a whole bottle of wine the night before work (I get your stressed and glass of wine here and there is perfectly fine! But when you are binging a whole bottle of wine you are just setting yourself up for failure! Alcohol is basically poison so doing that to your body on the regular is really not the move!
  • If you like to lay in bed when you wake up before work set your alarm even earlier than your supposed to wake up so you have that time to just yourself! (I actually do this a lot I turn on the light though just to make sure I don’t fall back asleep!)
  • Make your morning routine fun! If you like to workout and it makes your day better do that! If you have a favorite breakfast you like to eat, set time for yourself to make or go buy that meal!
  • Lastly set little goals for yourself in the morning that you want to get done that day! Maybe you want to finish an assignment at work, finish a blog post, or maybe you are job hunting for your dream job! Set little goals like these or big goals through out the day to motivate you and get you excited for life! Make your mornings about you and you only! Let these mornings be a clean slate for your day!

Stay wild, and stay barefoot



Also outfit details are going to be linked below! Everything in this photo is from Rent the Runway! Let me know if y’all would like to see a blog post on them! I am really enjoying renting clothes it is a nice sustainable way to live and also if you only like to wear certain clothing items only once like me (lol) it is a perfect option!



Rebecca Taylor Sweater

Blank NYC showstopper jeans

Tory Burch Bag 

My sizes

Jeans are a size 24 (true to size I would say)

Sweater size extra small (if you want a more oversized look size up!)

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