Why you should act “single” while in a relationship

Okay so when I say act “single” I don’t mean go cheat on your partner or sleep around, what I mean is be single with yourself. Be independent while in a relationship not dependent. Now I am no relationship guru but I do have some expertise on how to stay independent while dating! I have been in a long term relationship for a little over 3 years now and I can confidently say that I have gotten to a place where I am 200% comfortable within myself. The moment you learn to love yourself and put yourself first is the moment your loved ones follow and if they don’t its not meant to be! Not everything or every relationship will work out in life but one person that you can always count on is YOU. Learning to love being “alone” with yourself is key to a happy and successful dating life. Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean you are not hanging out with your significant other it means you have the mental capability to not always being worrying and thinking about what each other is doing every second of the day! Breathe a little and slow down and enjoy your life! I know my boyfriend and I have extremely different jobs so we are focused on our jobs and ourselves all day, we make time to say good morning and good night which in my opinion is enough. My thoughts throughout the day are not engulfed my boyfriend I am thinking about my dreams and aspirations not if my boyfriend is going to respond to my heart emoji. Many women these days over think their relationships way to much its simple if he is playing games let him know you are not and if he stays its meant to be if not then move on to the next.  In order to have a successful relationship not only with your partner but also with yourself, you need to make sure you put yourself first always! You never know what could happen you could break up and then what? Your whole life falls apart? NO you need to have other passions and outlets so you can move on. Making yourself a priority allows you to heal and move on easier with your life if anything happens. I know from experience that making this change in your life is vital. I am so extremely happy right now, actually happier than ever especially within my love life. I know at the end of the day my man is always going to be there and he knows I am as well. Being independent has allowed so much trust to flourish within our relationship within the past few years. If I could tell younger me what I knew now at the start of this relationship I would tell her “Don’t worry so much just love yourself and your dreams and it will all work out.” If I could tell every young girl that I would, remember it is so powerful and attractive to put YOU first.

Top Reasons you should act “single” while in a relationship


  • Having other hobbies besides your significant other allows you all to have something to talk about besides the “on the surface” subjects. It also allows you to have something to look forward too besides each other
  • It leaves a certain mystery to your partner when you have passions besides each other (mystery can be very sexy too) which in return can make for a closer and better relationship
  • It allows you have less anxiety and more fun! You won’t always be worrying about what your girlfriend/boyfriend is doing! I know personally I can be sitting in bed all weekend while my boyfriend is out with his friends and not have a care in the world because if I want to relax one weekend I will! I don’t have to do exactly what my boyfriend is doing!
  • You will allow your passions and dreams to come first! In toxic relationships girls seem to put their dreams aside in order to cater to their boyfriends. Don’t forget that you have dreams too! Remember you have your whole life to get married and take of someone else!
  • Be selfish with yourself while you are young and enjoy life!


As always

Stay wild, and stay barefoot


Mads 🙂

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