How to stay healthy during the holidays!!!

The holidays are right around the corner so that means food, food, and more food! I am a big health nut so making sure I can be healthy on the holidays and still enjoy my favorite dishes is my top priority! Below I am  going to talk about some of my top tips in staying healthy around the most wonderful time of the year!

Tip 1- Designate “Cheat days”- Don’t just make your whole holiday break an excuse to go overboard. If you designate certain cheat days over having that “F**k it attitude” you will feel ten times better and your body will thank you!! I know for me I make Thanksgiving and Christmas days my time for me to enjoy my favorite treats, like apple pie or peppermint bark! Also you won’t have that holiday weight gain after the holidays if you just treat yourself like you normally would!

Tip 2- Make time to exercise!- Whether it’s a pilates class or a walk at the park, make time for yourself to enjoy a little pump. Exercising is so good for your health, just because its holiday season doesn’t mean you can’t workout! Overall it will increase your mood and help decrease your stress levels (and I know stress levels can be pretty high around this time of the year whether we admit it or not!)

Tip 3- Watch your alcohol intake!- Okay so sometimes around the holidays we magically forget that alcohol is a poison and we treat it like water. Just remember alcohol can seriously affect your mood and your immune system and also can lead to bad food choices, so stick the alcohol to a minimum! Your body will thank you!

Tip 4- Don’t Procrastinate!- I know cooking can be extremely stressful if you are the one cooking! Give yourself ample enough time to buy all the food and time to cook for a stress free experience! And if you are not cooking try not to be a nuisance in the kitchen either offer help or get the f**k out! (as my mother would say!)

Tip 5- Get some rest!- This time of the year is so fun and exciting, but don’t forget to rest and get some sleep! I know you may want to try and catch up with some many people but remember sleep is so important and you really won’t be that fun if you are tired and stressed out!

Tip 6- Allow moments for happiness!- We can forget sometimes that the holidays are about enjoying time with our loved ones! Forget making the gifts perfect and try to enjoy the time with the ones you love. People can get so caught up in the materialistic part of the holidays, so remember to make this time special while it lasts!

Happy Holiday’s Chickens!

Stay wild, and stay barefoot



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