Not your Average Holiday Gift Guide!

I have been seeing so many gift guides that I thought I would do my own twist on the basic blogger gift guide!!! For me I feel like I already buy so many things for myself that I really don’t want much from my loved ones during the holidays! If I want a material item I prefer a simple nice piece of jewelry I can wear all the time! Other than that I really prefer the gift of experiences!!! So today I am going to give some fun little ideas that you can give your loved ones for the holidays that they will really enjoy!!!

The Blowout Perfect for your bestie, mom, or grandma- Okay so personally this is one of my favorite gifts to give my best friends! If you have a Blowout bar near you or a hair place that has blowout appointments available I highly suggest this as a gift! You can easily get them a gift card if you would like but I prefer to make a day of it! Book two blowout appointments for you and whoever and enjoy a nice hair wash and blow dry and after you can always grab a cute lunch and sip on champagne! For me this is not super pricey (blowouts can range from $35 to $50) and it is a nice way to enjoy some quality girl time with your besties! Any gal would love!

My Top Favorite Blow Dry Bars in the Atlanta Area

  • DryBar
  • DreamDry
  • Cherry Blow Dry Bar
  • Blo Blow Dry Bar

17314-drybar_san_diego-1113-Edit.jpg Dream-Dry-Salon1.jpg

The Massage- Perfect for anyone!- The gift of a massage is such an amazing option, if I am gifting a massage to a relative I will usually get them a gift card so they can go on their own time. But if I am booking for my boyfriend I love to book two foot massages that we can enjoy together! If your significant other doesn’t like foot massages you could always book a regular couples massage! Getting a massage with you boyfriend/girlfriend is such a great way to enjoy time together and is such an awesome idea! I guarantee you that no one will be disappointed with this gift.

  • Treat your Feet in Buckhead is a great massage place that is known for their foot massages but also have couple massages and many other great options!


The Mani-Pedi Gal or Guy!-Perfect your bestie or loved one who is addicted to having perfect nails!- Honestly I am a nail addict so I would love this gift! It is such a fun way to enjoy time with your loved ones! Grab some wine and kick back and get pampered!

  • There are a ton of awesome nail places in Atlanta but the only one I go to and is the cutest nail salon in my option is Les Mains Nail Bar located in Buckhead by Lucy’s Market! 

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 10.27.14 AM.png

The Concert Lover!!!- Perfect for any music lover in your life!- Okay so I don’t know who doesn’t love a good concert, but this is a fun idea for an experience you all can enjoy together! Do you like country, pop, or even rap? Find your favorite artist thats coming to your home town and buy some tickets! If you want to step this gift up to another level make it a destination concert and make a road trip or vacation out of it as well! Make sure the tickets you are giving are in advanced so your loved ones have plenty of time to free their calendars and call off work!

2019-05-18 16_54_41.567.JPG

A VACATION!!!!- If you have a higher budget for this years holiday gifts a vacation would be perfect! You could do a road trip to a beach in Florida and stay in a cute bungalow with your significant other or even plan a crazy girls trip in Miami for your besties! Depending on your budget you could fly out of the country or do a nice little road trip to a nearby beach! Both are amazing ideas for gifts and really can add some adventure into these presents!!! Last year my boyfriend took me skiing in Colorado which honestly was one of my most favorite gifts I have ever received!


I hope a few of these can spark some ideas for y’all! I know I will be using my own gift guide to buy my loved ones some fun experiences for the holidays! Remember it is okay to get people material items, just make sure they really are gonna love it and use it all the time! If not buy an experience for them or you and them! It is an awesome way to bond and enjoy life together!

Happy shopping chickens!

Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot




Dream Dry

Dry Bar

Cherry Blow Dry Bar

Blo Blow Dry Bar

Treat Your Feet

Ticket Master (for concerts!)

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