9 Things I learned in 2019

Wow another year is almost gone! I cannot believe we are almost at 2020! I thought I would think about this past year and write a little post and revisit some of the most important things I have learned about myself and the world. January I will be posting some of my 2020 resolutions, so I thought it would be fun to go over the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2019.

Time Management- Okay so I wouldn’t say I am perfect at this but I have definitely gotten better at this. Juggling a job, school, and then a little babysitting on the side has really taught me how to use my days off. In the past I would usually sit and do nothing on my days off (lol), but now I wake up at a decent time and get all my activities done for the day nice and early so I have time to relax later.

Routine- Getting yourself in a good routine is really key into bringing yourself out of a funk. This past year I have made sure to have a workout routine that allows me to have some type of structure during my day. Only downside for me is that I can tend to be extremely reliant on my routine so with out it I can get pretty down, but that is something else I will be working on in the upcoming year. Overall a routine is an amazing way to kickstart your productivity.

Finding a positive light in everything I do- Obviously this doesn’t happen everyday, but I have been focusing on whats positive out of my day instead of the negative. Doing this allows me to realize I do have a great life and am extremely lucky. I think if y’all take any tips from this post this should be the one you follow!

Eating healthy and working out- I already have been doing this for almost 3 full years now, but this was the year I really realized that when I don’t fuel my body correctly I will feel like shit! I am still young but when I was even younger I really didn’t notice how bad I felt till I started working and actually having to get up on time. Also working out is so amazing and dramatically can affect my mood. Having that alone time to yourself to get a little pump in really makes a huge difference.

Alcohol is not going to make you feel better- I really didn’t realize this till this year, but alcohol is POISON! Still going to drink it of course I love a good spritz or shot of tequila, but learning that I am not going to feel great the next day is a harsh reality we come to as we get older. Being 19 and drinking till 3 in the morning then going straight to an 8 am seemed easy then but not now my friends.

Love being alone- Enjoying that time to myself has really made me realize I don’t need anyone but myself to be happy.

Enjoy time with your elders- Your parents and grandparents are not going to be here forever so don’t forget to give them your time and attention that they desperately want. My grandpa passed away this past summer and I wish so badly I could just spend one last day with him.

No one is perfect- I think this is something we all know but it is hard to not compare to one another. Learning that everyone makes mistakes and is going to f**k up every now and again is okay! Move on, or talk it out life moves on whether we like it or not.

DO what you want!- As long as what you are doing doesn’t harm yourself or others do what you want and be confident about it! You don’t need your friends to tell you what to do or how to live. Let them worry about themselves and you worry about you.

Stay wild, and Stay Barefoot





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Hey y'all! My name is Madeleine and I am a 23 year old fashion blogger who loves to shop and eat french fries way to much!

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