Shopping Smart!

It is no secret I love shop, especially for clothes!!! I am not one to buy many designer shoes and bags but I do love nice clothes which means I need to budget and make sure I can grab a good discount here and there. Below are some of my tips on how to get a deal and how I budget my money for shopping!!!

DISCOUNT WEBSITES BABY- First off if you are looking for a certain brand and don’t want to spend top dollar I recommend finding a website that is known for their discounts or a smaller boutique that has a discount off your first purchase! One of my favorite sites for me to get Free People discounted is Macy’s! Man oh man can I find some good finds on there and dirt cheap! Especially around the holiday season! I just got a few sweaters from them around 50 to 60 percent off! I mean what a steal!

INDULGE EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE- Obviously there are going to be those items you want that NEVER go on sale, so treat yourself! Buy a nice full price item every once in a while it’s not gonna kill you! Just make sure it is something classic and long lasting that you can use pretty much all the time! For me I would say a nice pair of everyday sunglasses!

DOWNLOAD THE APP HONEY- Now if y’all have not heard of honey you are missing out! This little app you can download right on your phone or even your laptop! Basically when you are checking out about to purchase you can click the little honey icon and it will find the best deal for you for that website! Instead of searching manually through Groupon trying to find that 15 percent off it will automatically apply it to your order! It leaves you knowing that you got the best deal out there!

Don’t ever go negative to “look cute”- If you don’t have enough money for your basic necessities in life such as rent, food, and daily living expenses then don’t spend your last dime on clothes! Going negative to look cute or to be “on trend” is so dumb! Budget your money and save! I like to save a little money on the side so I can shop each month! Or shop seasonally! Instead of buying clothes here and there, clear out your wardrobe each season and do one giant shopping spree!

Be able to understand what you “need” and what you “want”- Now I am all for buying things you want, but make sure this article of clothing is going to bring joy in your life! When I buy clothes I love to know that I am going to wear it to death. If you are only going to wear the item once it is really not worth it in my opinion.

RENT CLOTHES!!!- Renting clothes is such an amazing sustainable option if your into that kind of stuff! One of my favorite places to rent clothes is Rent the Runway! Whether you need a dress for one night out or a trendy $500 dollar sweater for one week, RTR is your go to spot! I love this website especially for taking instagram pictures in clothes, sometimes you really only want to wear an item once and not having to keep it forever and getting to rent it for basically next to nothing is the BEST! I will link Rent the Runway below!




Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot



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Hey y'all! My name is Madeleine and I am a 23 year old fashion blogger who loves to shop and eat french fries way to much!

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