New Year New Goals!!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!!! The holidays are finally over which means a New Year is literally right around the corner!!! I love the holidays but I love a fresh start even more!!! There is something about getting your ducks aligned and healthy habits started that really makes me happy!!! Following through your New Years resolutions can be one of the most rewarding things! Today I am going to be talking about some of my main goals for this coming New Year.

Maintain my healthy lifestyle- My resolution for 2017 was to eat well and workout 5 to 7 times a week! I have been doing that ever since then, so maintaining this healthy lifestyle is always a goal of mine! If you don’t have healthy habits and want to start this year I suggest going ALL IN! That means just bite the bullet and go for it, getting into it is so much harder than actually maintaining it! Once you obtain your healthy lifestyle it is actually really hard to go back to be unhealthy! I know when I eat something unhealthy or don’t workout I feel worse and my mental health is not as sharp as it usually is.

Career Driven!!!- This year I am going to be focusing on driving my career even farther! I have made lots of changes in my job this year and making sure I am learning and driving for success is always a goal of mine!

SAVE MORE- I honestly think this might be the hardest for me because I LOVE TO SHOP! I am for sure a stress shopper so learning how to only shop for when I need something or something I will use nonstop is a goal of mine this 2020.

GO out of my comfort zone- I LOVE to get in a comfortable routine whether that is with my work life, hobbies, my health, or even my relationships. Learning how to stray away from the everyday routine will help me grow as a person. Maybe trying different workout classes, trying all vegan for a month, and going hiking instead of going out are some things I would love to try!

NOT drinking for one whole month in 2020!- Now I am not a big drinker in general I really only drink a glass of wine or one beer maybe once or twice a week sometimes not at all. But going completely sober for one month straight really would help align my mentality! Alcohol is basically poison, so not drinking for a long period of time can really help clear your mind and make you a lot happier!

Be MORE organized!- I am already organized in my work and school life, but organizing my closet and getting my room together is going to be top priority for me this year! I have SO many clothes and finding space for them and getting rid of them is going to be something I work on.

Be Sustainable!- The earth really needs our help and this past year I have been cutting out straws and started using reusable water bottles so doing more sustainable things is a top priority! Such as renting clothes, not shopping from cheap fast fashion stores, and using reusable grocery bags.

Not letting stupid things bother me- Sometimes I let little things ruin my day, such as someone disagreeing with me or someone not listening or just when things don’t go my way in general! So learning how to let go, take a deep breath, and swallow my pride is something I really need to learn.

SAY NO- I am a people pleaser 100% and have been working on this the past couple of years but still could be better. Learning how to say no when I don’t want to do something is okay! Good friends will understand and not be upset especially if it is for school, work, or a family situation. Friends and loved ones shouldn’t put you down for wanting to succeed and better yourself.

Most Importantly HAVE FUN- This is a goal for me every year! I always want to focus on smiling and having fun! Learning to let go and enjoy life is so important at the end of the day! We only have one life so enjoy it while it lasts and while we are young!!!

I would love to hear some of y’alls 2020 resolutions and goals!!! Leave in the comments below!!!


Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot




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