7 Ways I am being Sustainable in 2020

It is no secret that our earth is in need of help. So if each of us changes at least something in our everyday lives we together can make a huge impact on our mother earth. Today I am going to be talking about things that I am changing in order to be more sustainable. Nothing extremely drastic, just little things that can really make an impact in the long run.

  1. Using reusable water bottles- Now I know there are moments where we need to buy a plastic water bottle, but try to limit buying cases of water bottles. Buy a hydro flask or hydro cell and try to use that everyday in order to limit your carbon footprint. If I have to buy a water bottle at the store I try to buy one made out of recyclable materials or boxed water!
  2. Not supporting fast fashion and renting clothes instead!- Clothes can be expensive so turning towards places that sell clothes for dirt cheap can seem appealing to my credit card at times, but it is terrible for the environment. Buying quality clothes from nice brands that don’t support fast fashion and promote environmentally friendly products has been a huge goal of mine. I also love to rent clothes, it is a great way to weave trendy products into your closet without being married to the trend for life!
  3. Bringing reusable bags to the store!- Making sure I bring reusable bags to the stores that hand out plastic bags is also an important goal of mine this year! Also shopping at places such as Trader Joe’s and Whole foods instead because they have brown paper bags which are way better for the environment!
  4. LIMIT PLASTIC STRAWS- I have most definitely used my fair of straws in my lifetime, so saying no to plastic straws and using my metal one or paper straws instead is a goal of mine this 2020.
  5. Don’t support toxic meat and dairy industry’s- Overall I am pretty much meat free besides some occasional seafood here and there. Not supporting industries that deforest precious lands just to produce meat and dairy. When I buy meat or cheese I make sure I am buying wild caught seafood and organic products.
  6. Being cautious of the brands I choose- Making sure I choose brands that don’t test on animals and are focusing on being environmentally friendly is extremely important to me. I pretty much only use organic oils on my face and organic powders for when I wear makeup! Also using organic deodorants instead is not only better for my body but the earth as well.
  7. Supporting Small Businesses- Supporting small business owners especially ones that promote being environmentally friendly is definitely a way we can make a change. When we support huge corporations we are only making them grow and make more money. If we want to make a change we need to start small, such as going to your local farmers market to buy fruits and veggies, instead of a huge corporate grocery store.

These are just several ways I am trying to make a change. There are many more that need to be done. But if each of us takes baby steps like these we can really make a difference in our carbon footprint.

Published by barefootandbohemian

Hey y'all! My name is Madeleine and I am a 23 year old fashion blogger who loves to shop and eat french fries way to much!

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