How to Stay Healthy on Vacays!

Obviously a vacation is time to relax and let go, but being able to stay healthy and feel good especially if in a swimsuit all day, is really important to me. I know I have a view vacations coming up, so here are some of my tips on how I stay healthy while traveling!

  1. Don’t over do it on the alcohol- Yes vacations are fun and a time to drink, but if you drink to much you most likely won’t be able to enjoy your time either, you will be in bed all day feeling like sh*t! My thing is if I am going out that night I won’t drink during the day and if we are doing a little day drinking sesh I won’t drink at night! It is all about balance! Nothing is worse than missing a whole day on the beach just because you wanted to binge drink till 3 am!
  2. Find time to be active!- Whether it is a walk on the beach or a local cycling class, find some time to get active, overall it will boost your mood and make you feel accomplished for the day! You are already relaxing all day might as well add some routine in there!
  3. Treat yourself but just don’t over do it!- It is okay to treat yourself to your favorite unhealthy meals when out of town, but instead of going crazy for every single meal in one day, balance it out! Maybe eat healthy for breakfast and lunch and then have a favorite for dinner! It is all about balancing healthy with unhealthy!
  4. Drink lots of water!- This is an important one especially if you are going to the beach or going to be in the sun all day! Sometimes we can get lost and drink one to many coronas on the beach. Always have a water bottle at hand because blacking out on the beach is not a cute look.
  5. Don’t feel pressured to do something just because everyone else is- If you are on vacay with your family or even friends, don’t feel like you have to do what they are doing! If you want to workout and eat healthy do it! If you don’t thats fine too! Don’t let others opinions be the deciding factor on what you do on vacation!

As always

Stay wild, and Stay Barefoot



What kind of vacations are y’all going on this coming season!?

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