What I Eat in a Day!

Happy Friday Chickens! I don’t know about y’all but I love watching videos, or reading posts on what people eat in a day, I just think it is so interesting! Everyones body is different so I believe depending on how you digest certain foods, eating healthy can be a range of many different options! For a little disclaimer I don’t calorie restrict or count calories, there are certain foods I don’t eat for ethical reasons or because I don’t digest them well, but overall I really don’t believe in restricting how much you eat, I believe in eating lots of clean food until you are full and satisfied! So on that note lets get on with the post!

Breakfast Time!

I don’t eat the same everyday single day but what really stays consistent for me is my breakfast! I always eat two meals every morning, if I have work I will workout at 6am or 6:30 am and then eat my first meal after that, have my tea or coffee than eat my second meal ten minutes before I have to leave to work! EVERY SINGLE morning I ALWAYS drink at least one glass of water before I put anything into my body, I feel like drinking water is a great way to refresh your digestive system and wake you up! My first meal is ALWAYS fruit. Fruit moves through you the fastest so you should always eat fruit by itself and before any other meals. Recently I have been eating half of a papaya with lime every single day! In the summer I love mango, banana, cacao nibs, and cinnamon to start my day, but mangos aren’t really in season so I have been sticking to papaya at the moment! After my fruit I will drink my matcha or coffee depending on what I am feeling that day! I always put oatmilk or coconut milk in my tea or coffee! My second breakfast is most likely either avocado toast or a smoothie! If I am in a rush I will stop by Kale ME Crazy and pick up a smoothie before work, if not I’ll make my own! Bananas, peanut butter, and spinach are just a few of my favorite ingredients to put in smoothies! For my toast I will use some sort of healthy bread like Dave’s Killer Bread and mash avocado on top with tomatoes and lots of everything but the bagel seasoning! (from trader joes!) Overall I am a BIG believer in eating breakfast it really is the most important meal of the day! Starting off your day right is the key to success and eating should be just as important as everything else you have to do!


Okay my lunch honestly varies day to day! If I have to work I will either bring my lunch or buy my lunch depending if I want to treat myself that (LOL). If I am purchasing my lunch for work, I always make sure it is extremely clean and healthy because feeling heavy and tired at work because you ate something greasy and bad for you is the worst! I love the vegan wrap from Kale ME Crazy, that is usually my top pick for when I am eating out! Now most of the time I really prefer to make my own lunch since buying food can get pretty pricey! When I make my food I usually will do sautéed veggies on a bed of rice or quinoa, I also love big salads with lots of fresh veggies, and lastly I really love chickpea pasta with marinara sauce from the brand Rao’s! So delicious and extremely healthy! Overall I eat mostly plant based with the occasional seafood dish here and there, but when I eat at work I always eat veggies, they give me the most energy and don’t make me feel weighed down and tired.


Okay so for dinner it can really depend on the day! I always at least have some sort of vegetable or salad! If I have meat it will always be either a fresh wild caught fish, or sautéed shrimp, but usually I am just eating veggies with a grain such as rice or quinoa, or beans and rice! Another dinner option I love which I also love to make for lunch if I am not working are vegan tacos! I will buy gluten free corn tortillas and stuff them with yummy mixed veggies or just beans, rice and salsa! I can eat 3 to 4 of them and they are so satisfying!


If you think I just eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner you are so wrong! I eat snacks a TON of snacks! I believe in eating A LOT of clean and healthy food, it is what keeps me going and gives me so much energy! Okay so to move on to the snacks! I have a range that I love to choose from! First off popcorn, such a easy snack to eat especially while working, when I am at home I love gluten free tortilla chips with guacamole or salsa! I also eat nut mixes, veggies or pita chips with hummus, and even healthy protein bars such as the Go Macro brand! Also other drinks I may drink during the day besides water are usually tea and sometimes a juice from whole foods it really depends on the day! If I drink coffee I only drink one cup in the morning, more than one cup is way to much caffeine for me!

I hope y’all enjoyed my what I eat in a day! Just remember eating clean is the most important! Calories don’t matter if you are eating healthy and feeling good! I used to restrict my calories and let me just say I think I look better and way more toned now than I ever did! Food is here to heal us not hurt us!

Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot



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