Finding a “New” routine

The world has definitely taken a turn this past month, and with restaurants closed, bars closed, and just about everyday activities, we are finding ourselves with a new way to live. Most of us are working at home unless you have an “essential job” that requires you to leave the house. Today I want toContinue reading “Finding a “New” routine”

My Skincare Must haves when Traveling!

Happy Friday Chickens! Today I will be talking about my skincare routine when traveling. Skincare has always been extremely important to me even while traveling! I have a few trips coming up so naturally I will share my top skincare picks! First off I really don’t like to take a lot with me, just theContinue reading “My Skincare Must haves when Traveling!”


If you know me you know Tie dye is my absolute favorite! Something about colors twisted together in a gorgeous pattern makes me so happy! I have so many tie dye items I decided to compile several of my top picks this season! Linked below are some of my favorites! Click the picture to beContinue reading “TREND-TIE DYE”

Spring 2020 Trends I am Excited About!

I don’t know about y’all but I am ready for some warmer weather! So what better way to get in the Spring/Summer mood than talking about some upcoming trends that I am getting excited for!!! Trend 1: Tie Dye Baby!- Tie Dye was extremely huge last Spring/Summer and slowly trickled into Fall/Winter, but I am seeingContinue reading “Spring 2020 Trends I am Excited About!”

7 Ways I am being Sustainable in 2020

It is no secret that our earth is in need of help. So if each of us changes at least something in our everyday lives we together can make a huge impact on our mother earth. Today I am going to be talking about things that I am changing in order to be more sustainable.Continue reading “7 Ways I am being Sustainable in 2020”

New Year New Goals!!!

Happy Thursday Everyone!!! The holidays are finally over which means a New Year is literally right around the corner!!! I love the holidays but I love a fresh start even more!!! There is something about getting your ducks aligned and healthy habits started that really makes me happy!!! Following through your New Years resolutions canContinue reading “New Year New Goals!!!”