10 ways that have helped me stay positive!

Happy Friday y’all!!! Today I wanted to talk about staying positive. Overall I would say I am a pretty upbeat and happy person, but there have been many things in my life that I have changed in order to help keep me positive. Nowadays with social media anyone can broadcast their lives to us, soContinue reading “10 ways that have helped me stay positive!”

Not your Average Holiday Gift Guide!

I have been seeing so many gift guides that I thought I would do my own twist on the basic blogger gift guide!!! For me I feel like I already buy so many things for myself that I really don’t want much from my loved ones during the holidays! If I want a material itemContinue reading “Not your Average Holiday Gift Guide!”

How to stay healthy during the holidays!!!

The holidays are right around the corner so that means food, food, and more food! I am a big health nut so making sure I can be healthy on the holidays and still enjoy my favorite dishes is my top priority! Below I am  going to talk about some of my top tips in stayingContinue reading “How to stay healthy during the holidays!!!”

Why you should act “single” while in a relationship

Okay so when I say act “single” I don’t mean go cheat on your partner or sleep around, what I mean is be single with yourself. Be independent while in a relationship not dependent. Now I am no relationship guru but I do have some expertise on how to stay independent while dating! I haveContinue reading “Why you should act “single” while in a relationship”

Top Fav Affordable Clothing Websites

I don’t know about y’all but I have a bad addiction to Revolve, ShopBop, and Free People!!! These clothing websites are amazing but can get SOOO expensive and for a gal in her early 20’s sometimes I don’t have the money for all these cute websites!!! Today I am going to talk about some ofContinue reading “Top Fav Affordable Clothing Websites”