Shopping Smart!

It is no secret I love shop, especially for clothes!!! I am not one to buy many designer shoes and bags but I do love nice clothes which means I need to budget and make sure I can grab a good discount here and there. Below are some of my tips on how to get a deal and how I budget my money for shopping!!!

DISCOUNT WEBSITES BABY- First off if you are looking for a certain brand and don’t want to spend top dollar I recommend finding a website that is known for their discounts or a smaller boutique that has a discount off your first purchase! One of my favorite sites for me to get Free People discounted is Macy’s! Man oh man can I find some good finds on there and dirt cheap! Especially around the holiday season! I just got a few sweaters from them around 50 to 60 percent off! I mean what a steal!

INDULGE EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE- Obviously there are going to be those items you want that NEVER go on sale, so treat yourself! Buy a nice full price item every once in a while it’s not gonna kill you! Just make sure it is something classic and long lasting that you can use pretty much all the time! For me I would say a nice pair of everyday sunglasses!

DOWNLOAD THE APP HONEY- Now if y’all have not heard of honey you are missing out! This little app you can download right on your phone or even your laptop! Basically when you are checking out about to purchase you can click the little honey icon and it will find the best deal for you for that website! Instead of searching manually through Groupon trying to find that 15 percent off it will automatically apply it to your order! It leaves you knowing that you got the best deal out there!

Don’t ever go negative to “look cute”- If you don’t have enough money for your basic necessities in life such as rent, food, and daily living expenses then don’t spend your last dime on clothes! Going negative to look cute or to be “on trend” is so dumb! Budget your money and save! I like to save a little money on the side so I can shop each month! Or shop seasonally! Instead of buying clothes here and there, clear out your wardrobe each season and do one giant shopping spree!

Be able to understand what you “need” and what you “want”- Now I am all for buying things you want, but make sure this article of clothing is going to bring joy in your life! When I buy clothes I love to know that I am going to wear it to death. If you are only going to wear the item once it is really not worth it in my opinion.

RENT CLOTHES!!!- Renting clothes is such an amazing sustainable option if your into that kind of stuff! One of my favorite places to rent clothes is Rent the Runway! Whether you need a dress for one night out or a trendy $500 dollar sweater for one week, RTR is your go to spot! I love this website especially for taking instagram pictures in clothes, sometimes you really only want to wear an item once and not having to keep it forever and getting to rent it for basically next to nothing is the BEST! I will link Rent the Runway below!




Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot



9 Things I learned in 2019

Wow another year is almost gone! I cannot believe we are almost at 2020! I thought I would think about this past year and write a little post and revisit some of the most important things I have learned about myself and the world. January I will be posting some of my 2020 resolutions, so I thought it would be fun to go over the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2019.

Time Management- Okay so I wouldn’t say I am perfect at this but I have definitely gotten better at this. Juggling a job, school, and then a little babysitting on the side has really taught me how to use my days off. In the past I would usually sit and do nothing on my days off (lol), but now I wake up at a decent time and get all my activities done for the day nice and early so I have time to relax later.

Routine- Getting yourself in a good routine is really key into bringing yourself out of a funk. This past year I have made sure to have a workout routine that allows me to have some type of structure during my day. Only downside for me is that I can tend to be extremely reliant on my routine so with out it I can get pretty down, but that is something else I will be working on in the upcoming year. Overall a routine is an amazing way to kickstart your productivity.

Finding a positive light in everything I do- Obviously this doesn’t happen everyday, but I have been focusing on whats positive out of my day instead of the negative. Doing this allows me to realize I do have a great life and am extremely lucky. I think if y’all take any tips from this post this should be the one you follow!

Eating healthy and working out- I already have been doing this for almost 3 full years now, but this was the year I really realized that when I don’t fuel my body correctly I will feel like shit! I am still young but when I was even younger I really didn’t notice how bad I felt till I started working and actually having to get up on time. Also working out is so amazing and dramatically can affect my mood. Having that alone time to yourself to get a little pump in really makes a huge difference.

Alcohol is not going to make you feel better- I really didn’t realize this till this year, but alcohol is POISON! Still going to drink it of course I love a good spritz or shot of tequila, but learning that I am not going to feel great the next day is a harsh reality we come to as we get older. Being 19 and drinking till 3 in the morning then going straight to an 8 am seemed easy then but not now my friends.

Love being alone- Enjoying that time to myself has really made me realize I don’t need anyone but myself to be happy.

Enjoy time with your elders- Your parents and grandparents are not going to be here forever so don’t forget to give them your time and attention that they desperately want. My grandpa passed away this past summer and I wish so badly I could just spend one last day with him.

No one is perfect- I think this is something we all know but it is hard to not compare to one another. Learning that everyone makes mistakes and is going to f**k up every now and again is okay! Move on, or talk it out life moves on whether we like it or not.

DO what you want!- As long as what you are doing doesn’t harm yourself or others do what you want and be confident about it! You don’t need your friends to tell you what to do or how to live. Let them worry about themselves and you worry about you.

Stay wild, and Stay Barefoot





10 ways that have helped me stay positive!

Happy Friday y’all!!! Today I wanted to talk about staying positive. Overall I would say I am a pretty upbeat and happy person, but there have been many things in my life that I have changed in order to help keep me positive. Nowadays with social media anyone can broadcast their lives to us, so it can be hard not to compare ourselves to others. So below are my top 10 tips to stay positive, and grounded within myself.

TIP 1- “Don’t give a f**k!” Sorry to be blunt but it is true. The minute you stop caring so much about what others are doing and what others think of you is the minute you start living!

TIP 2- Find something that makes YOU happy! Not what makes you mom, dad, boyfriend, and friends happy, but what truly makes YOU excited to wake up everyday! Whether it is your job, working out, traveling, or even food, find something that motivates you to live!

TIP 3- Try to find the positive side in everything! Now I don’t mean every single thing, but if a small inconvenience happens, don’t let it put a damper on your whole day, brush it off and put on a smile!

TIP 4- Laugh!!! Enjoy life and have fun, try not to stress too much! finding time to laugh can really enhance your mood and instantly make you feel better.

TIP 5- Take care of yourself. Eating healthy and working out can really have a huge impact on your mental health. The moment I changed my health, the way I looked at life was 100% more positive. Eating like shit and drinking a lot can cause depression and overall make you feel awful!

TIP 6- Surround yourself with others that are just as positive and motivated as you! Have you ever heard the saying “You are the company you keep?” Well that goes hand in hand, if you have negative friends you most likely will be negative! So keep positive people around and the negative ones distant.

TIP 7- Learn to love being alone! Being able to enjoy that time with yourself without having to always have the need to be around people is such an amazing quality to have.

TIP 8- Go slowly! Take your time not everything needs to be done in lightning speed. You will get where ever you need to be on your own time. You don’t need to rush focus on your goals not what other people are doing.

TIP 9- Listen to your criticism! This is one of the hardest things for me since I like to always be right! But listening and learning from your constructive criticism can really help you grow as a person.

TIP 10- Let go of people or things that are holding you back. If someone doesn’t believe in you stop letting them in your life and under your skin! Someone that doesn’t believe in you is NOT your friend and doesn’t have your best interest at all. When someone is acting like this towards you it is usually because they are jealous and are scared that they wont succeed within themselves.

I hope some of these tips will help y’all stay positive and motivated!

As always

Stay wild, and stay barefoot



Not your Average Holiday Gift Guide!

I have been seeing so many gift guides that I thought I would do my own twist on the basic blogger gift guide!!! For me I feel like I already buy so many things for myself that I really don’t want much from my loved ones during the holidays! If I want a material item I prefer a simple nice piece of jewelry I can wear all the time! Other than that I really prefer the gift of experiences!!! So today I am going to give some fun little ideas that you can give your loved ones for the holidays that they will really enjoy!!!

The Blowout Perfect for your bestie, mom, or grandma- Okay so personally this is one of my favorite gifts to give my best friends! If you have a Blowout bar near you or a hair place that has blowout appointments available I highly suggest this as a gift! You can easily get them a gift card if you would like but I prefer to make a day of it! Book two blowout appointments for you and whoever and enjoy a nice hair wash and blow dry and after you can always grab a cute lunch and sip on champagne! For me this is not super pricey (blowouts can range from $35 to $50) and it is a nice way to enjoy some quality girl time with your besties! Any gal would love!

My Top Favorite Blow Dry Bars in the Atlanta Area

  • DryBar
  • DreamDry
  • Cherry Blow Dry Bar
  • Blo Blow Dry Bar

17314-drybar_san_diego-1113-Edit.jpg Dream-Dry-Salon1.jpg

The Massage- Perfect for anyone!- The gift of a massage is such an amazing option, if I am gifting a massage to a relative I will usually get them a gift card so they can go on their own time. But if I am booking for my boyfriend I love to book two foot massages that we can enjoy together! If your significant other doesn’t like foot massages you could always book a regular couples massage! Getting a massage with you boyfriend/girlfriend is such a great way to enjoy time together and is such an awesome idea! I guarantee you that no one will be disappointed with this gift.

  • Treat your Feet in Buckhead is a great massage place that is known for their foot massages but also have couple massages and many other great options!


The Mani-Pedi Gal or Guy!-Perfect your bestie or loved one who is addicted to having perfect nails!- Honestly I am a nail addict so I would love this gift! It is such a fun way to enjoy time with your loved ones! Grab some wine and kick back and get pampered!

  • There are a ton of awesome nail places in Atlanta but the only one I go to and is the cutest nail salon in my option is Les Mains Nail Bar located in Buckhead by Lucy’s Market! 

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 10.27.14 AM.png

The Concert Lover!!!- Perfect for any music lover in your life!- Okay so I don’t know who doesn’t love a good concert, but this is a fun idea for an experience you all can enjoy together! Do you like country, pop, or even rap? Find your favorite artist thats coming to your home town and buy some tickets! If you want to step this gift up to another level make it a destination concert and make a road trip or vacation out of it as well! Make sure the tickets you are giving are in advanced so your loved ones have plenty of time to free their calendars and call off work!

2019-05-18 16_54_41.567.JPG

A VACATION!!!!- If you have a higher budget for this years holiday gifts a vacation would be perfect! You could do a road trip to a beach in Florida and stay in a cute bungalow with your significant other or even plan a crazy girls trip in Miami for your besties! Depending on your budget you could fly out of the country or do a nice little road trip to a nearby beach! Both are amazing ideas for gifts and really can add some adventure into these presents!!! Last year my boyfriend took me skiing in Colorado which honestly was one of my most favorite gifts I have ever received!


I hope a few of these can spark some ideas for y’all! I know I will be using my own gift guide to buy my loved ones some fun experiences for the holidays! Remember it is okay to get people material items, just make sure they really are gonna love it and use it all the time! If not buy an experience for them or you and them! It is an awesome way to bond and enjoy life together!

Happy shopping chickens!

Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot




Dream Dry

Dry Bar

Cherry Blow Dry Bar

Blo Blow Dry Bar

Treat Your Feet

Ticket Master (for concerts!)

How to stay healthy during the holidays!!!

The holidays are right around the corner so that means food, food, and more food! I am a big health nut so making sure I can be healthy on the holidays and still enjoy my favorite dishes is my top priority! Below I am  going to talk about some of my top tips in staying healthy around the most wonderful time of the year!

Tip 1- Designate “Cheat days”- Don’t just make your whole holiday break an excuse to go overboard. If you designate certain cheat days over having that “F**k it attitude” you will feel ten times better and your body will thank you!! I know for me I make Thanksgiving and Christmas days my time for me to enjoy my favorite treats, like apple pie or peppermint bark! Also you won’t have that holiday weight gain after the holidays if you just treat yourself like you normally would!

Tip 2- Make time to exercise!- Whether it’s a pilates class or a walk at the park, make time for yourself to enjoy a little pump. Exercising is so good for your health, just because its holiday season doesn’t mean you can’t workout! Overall it will increase your mood and help decrease your stress levels (and I know stress levels can be pretty high around this time of the year whether we admit it or not!)

Tip 3- Watch your alcohol intake!- Okay so sometimes around the holidays we magically forget that alcohol is a poison and we treat it like water. Just remember alcohol can seriously affect your mood and your immune system and also can lead to bad food choices, so stick the alcohol to a minimum! Your body will thank you!

Tip 4- Don’t Procrastinate!- I know cooking can be extremely stressful if you are the one cooking! Give yourself ample enough time to buy all the food and time to cook for a stress free experience! And if you are not cooking try not to be a nuisance in the kitchen either offer help or get the f**k out! (as my mother would say!)

Tip 5- Get some rest!- This time of the year is so fun and exciting, but don’t forget to rest and get some sleep! I know you may want to try and catch up with some many people but remember sleep is so important and you really won’t be that fun if you are tired and stressed out!

Tip 6- Allow moments for happiness!- We can forget sometimes that the holidays are about enjoying time with our loved ones! Forget making the gifts perfect and try to enjoy the time with the ones you love. People can get so caught up in the materialistic part of the holidays, so remember to make this time special while it lasts!

Happy Holiday’s Chickens!

Stay wild, and stay barefoot




Happy Friday Chickens!!!! It has been so cold this past week I feel like we skipped fall and went straight to winter! I thought this sudden drop in temperature was the perfect chance to show y’all some of my favorite coats to wear during these chilly temperatures!!!

Teddy Coats- Teddy Coats are one of my favorite coats to wear during the winter. They are just so cozy and cute! You can most definitely dress them down or up! I like to wear mine over my workout clothes when heading to pilates in the morning or even over my bulky sweaters when on the way to work! There are endless options!!! Some places I like to these coats would be urban outfitters or princess polly but you can pretty much find a teddy coat anywhere these days! Below I linked a more expensive one and then a more affordable version both from Urban Outfitters

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 8.27.01 PM.png

Willow Fuzzy Drawstring Teddy Coat

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 8.29.59 PM.png

I AM G.I.A Teddy Coat

Leather or (Faux) Leather Jackets!- Okay so I don’t know about y’all, but I believe everyone needs a good leather jacket in their wardrobe. A good black or brown leather jacket is such a great staple. It is a great way to dress up or edge up an outfit! I love wearing mine with cute little dresses and tights in the winter and fall! Or you can pop them on with a cute bodysuit and some jeans and voila the perfect night on the town outfit! I found a great basic from urban outfitters and also a really cute black sherpa lined one as well that would be perfect if you live somewhere that is much colder than Georgia!

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 8.38.16 PM.png

Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 8.32.23 PM.png

Sherpa Lined Aviator Jacket

A Good Denim Jacket!- Another jacket that you most definitely need is a denim jacket! A good denim jacket you can wear year round! Perfect for those warmer fall or winter days or even in the those transitional months!!! I know my denim jacket literally goes with almost everything I wear! It is the perfect addition to any closet! Below is I linked such a cute one from Princess Polly!

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 8.35.17 PM.png

Princess Polly Denim Jacket

A dolman or utility jacket!!!- Okay I thought I would throw this type of jacket in because I can’t get over how cute they are! I love this one from Anthropologie I feel like it is the most effortless addition to any outfit! A cute utility jacket is such a great piece to wear in the fall/winter!

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 8.24.25 AM.png

Quilted Utility Jacket

Happy shopping my loves!! Buy all the cute and cozy jackets!!!

As always

Stay wild, stay barefoot, and stay warm!



Why you should act “single” while in a relationship

Okay so when I say act “single” I don’t mean go cheat on your partner or sleep around, what I mean is be single with yourself. Be independent while in a relationship not dependent. Now I am no relationship guru but I do have some expertise on how to stay independent while dating! I have been in a long term relationship for a little over 3 years now and I can confidently say that I have gotten to a place where I am 200% comfortable within myself. The moment you learn to love yourself and put yourself first is the moment your loved ones follow and if they don’t its not meant to be! Not everything or every relationship will work out in life but one person that you can always count on is YOU. Learning to love being “alone” with yourself is key to a happy and successful dating life. Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean you are not hanging out with your significant other it means you have the mental capability to not always being worrying and thinking about what each other is doing every second of the day! Breathe a little and slow down and enjoy your life! I know my boyfriend and I have extremely different jobs so we are focused on our jobs and ourselves all day, we make time to say good morning and good night which in my opinion is enough. My thoughts throughout the day are not engulfed my boyfriend I am thinking about my dreams and aspirations not if my boyfriend is going to respond to my heart emoji. Many women these days over think their relationships way to much its simple if he is playing games let him know you are not and if he stays its meant to be if not then move on to the next.  In order to have a successful relationship not only with your partner but also with yourself, you need to make sure you put yourself first always! You never know what could happen you could break up and then what? Your whole life falls apart? NO you need to have other passions and outlets so you can move on. Making yourself a priority allows you to heal and move on easier with your life if anything happens. I know from experience that making this change in your life is vital. I am so extremely happy right now, actually happier than ever especially within my love life. I know at the end of the day my man is always going to be there and he knows I am as well. Being independent has allowed so much trust to flourish within our relationship within the past few years. If I could tell younger me what I knew now at the start of this relationship I would tell her “Don’t worry so much just love yourself and your dreams and it will all work out.” If I could tell every young girl that I would, remember it is so powerful and attractive to put YOU first.

Top Reasons you should act “single” while in a relationship


  • Having other hobbies besides your significant other allows you all to have something to talk about besides the “on the surface” subjects. It also allows you to have something to look forward too besides each other
  • It leaves a certain mystery to your partner when you have passions besides each other (mystery can be very sexy too) which in return can make for a closer and better relationship
  • It allows you have less anxiety and more fun! You won’t always be worrying about what your girlfriend/boyfriend is doing! I know personally I can be sitting in bed all weekend while my boyfriend is out with his friends and not have a care in the world because if I want to relax one weekend I will! I don’t have to do exactly what my boyfriend is doing!
  • You will allow your passions and dreams to come first! In toxic relationships girls seem to put their dreams aside in order to cater to their boyfriends. Don’t forget that you have dreams too! Remember you have your whole life to get married and take of someone else!
  • Be selfish with yourself while you are young and enjoy life!


As always

Stay wild, and stay barefoot


Mads 🙂

My favorite Jeans!!!

Okay y’all lets talk about jeans!!!! Jeans have to be one of my most favorite clothing items to where! I mean you can wear them literally year round! I have tried many brands of jeans so I just wanted to highlight some of my favorites!

 Top Favorite Jean Brands!

  1. Levis
  2. Citizen of Humanity
  3. AG Jeans
  4. Free People


So lets start with my absolute FAVORITE jean brand! Levis some how just always keep me coming back for more. My first pair was the 501 Skinny and I have worn those puppies to death! They have the most perfect rips and are high-rise and cut off at the best length! If you are looking for the perfect everyday jean these are the jeans for you!!! Levis also has some amazing flare options and also some AMAZING boyfriend jeans! I love a good baggy jean that is flattering! The Dad Jean is the perfect slouchy jean that pairs well with a chunky sweater or a fitted top/bodysuit. Below I will link some of my favorite Levis Jeans that I own and some pictures of me wearing them!


Levis 501 Skinny Jeans

Levis Dad Jean

The 501 Skinny!

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 10.06.00 PM.png

The Dad Jean (Such a cute slouchy fit!)

2019-07-27 06_52_49.071.JPG

Citizens of Humanity

Now you can never go wrong with a pair of Citizens Jeans. This brand is a classic and if you aren’t sure what type of style/wash of jeans you need or want this is the brand for you! I feel like this is a great brand to get a taste of the designer jeans addiction! Their jeans are such AMAZING quality and last for such a long time! I will link some of my favorites of the season!


Citizens of Humanity Olivia Ultra High-Rise Slim

Citizens of Humanity McKenzie Ultra High-Rise Straight Jeans

AG Jeans

Another great stepping-stone into the amazing world of jeans would be AG jeans! These jeans are so comfortable and are just the best everyday jeans! I love to purchase mine from Anthropologie they have so many great options! The picture of me below I am wearing pair of AG jeans I got a couple years ago and man have they held up! I will try to find a similar pair for y’all to shop!



AG The Ex-Boyfriend Mid-Rise Slim Ankle Jeans

AG The Isabelle High-Rise Straight Cropped Jeans

Free People

Last but most certainly not least I want to talk about the Free People Brand jeans! Sometimes the sizes can be a hit or miss so definitely read reviews when you are buying Free People jeans but some of my favorite jeans have come from here! Free People is famously known for their flare jeans which are absolutely amazing a fit like a glove I will link my favorite pair below! I also feel like I can really find some unique jeans that aren’t “mainstream” at Free People that will really edge up my everyday look! Below are some pictures of me in some of my top fav denim looks from them!

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 10.44.21 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 10.46.32 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 10.45.43 PM.png

Some Jeans I plan on purchasing this season from Free People!

Wild Flower Jean

Stella Skinny Jeans

CRVY Wild Honey Cord Flare Pants

Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot



How I Became a Morning Person

If you really know me you know I am a HUGE morning person, I take mornings to a whole other level. For me it’s a chance to wake up, get my shit together, and pave the way to conquer my day. Now I have never been one to sleep in really late, I have been one to wake up 30 minutes before I have to leave for work or class, which in my opinion is “waking up late”. I believe starting your day 3 to 5 hours before you have to answer to anyone but yourself is extremely important! When I started my first “job” I started to realize the importance of having that time to myself, not only was I happier at work I had soooo much more motivation! For me I like to work out in the morning because it gives me that time to myself with out my phone just my mind, body, and soul where I can connect with my inner self. After I work out in the morning I love to have that time to make my breakfast and sip on my tea or coffee while watching TV or working on my blog/homework! It is just so nice to not be in a rush in the morning. Obviously not everyday is going to be perfect obstacles will be thrown my way, but at least having that time allows you to not let little things ruin your whole vibe Some people call me crazy but I think I have found the way to success! You may think you need those extra hours to sleep, but if you go to bed just a little bit earlier you will get those same extra hours to recharge your body! Make your rest and yourself a priority! Also I understand that people with kids have a different story and different obstacles and struggles but I still don’t understand how people that are unmarried with no kids manage to be so tired and grumpy all the time! YOU have so much time to yourself enjoy it while it lasts! Starting your day off right is a big key to success. When I have to work my 8 hour job I like to wake up at 6 am to workout or 7 am depending on what kind of workout I have planned that day. When I don’t have to be at work all day and can work from home I like to allow my body to sleep in which for me is naturally waking up around 7:30 am to around 8:30 am. From there I make breakfast get a lot of school work or blog work done and then I work out later in the day! Now a days even when I have no alarm and allow my body that time to sleep in I will wake up naturally so early! I love it because it means I get my whole day and none of it is wasted!

Okay so lets get into some of my top tips in becoming a morning person!

Tips on how to make your mornings not a sh*t show!

  • GO TO BED EARLIER!!!!! (if you have trouble sleeping try a sleepy time tea or some melatonin, or try cutting out technology before bed sometimes staring at your computer or cell phone before bed can cause some restlessness
  • If you don’t work 8 hours a day or work from home try not to nap during the day! napping will make you not as tired when it is actually time to go to bed. (of course if you are completely exhausted a nap is must but if you are trying to get to bed on time and wake up earlier I highly recommend you don’t nap!
  • Don’t casually drink a whole bottle of wine the night before work (I get your stressed and glass of wine here and there is perfectly fine! But when you are binging a whole bottle of wine you are just setting yourself up for failure! Alcohol is basically poison so doing that to your body on the regular is really not the move!
  • If you like to lay in bed when you wake up before work set your alarm even earlier than your supposed to wake up so you have that time to just yourself! (I actually do this a lot I turn on the light though just to make sure I don’t fall back asleep!)
  • Make your morning routine fun! If you like to workout and it makes your day better do that! If you have a favorite breakfast you like to eat, set time for yourself to make or go buy that meal!
  • Lastly set little goals for yourself in the morning that you want to get done that day! Maybe you want to finish an assignment at work, finish a blog post, or maybe you are job hunting for your dream job! Set little goals like these or big goals through out the day to motivate you and get you excited for life! Make your mornings about you and you only! Let these mornings be a clean slate for your day!

Stay wild, and stay barefoot



Also outfit details are going to be linked below! Everything in this photo is from Rent the Runway! Let me know if y’all would like to see a blog post on them! I am really enjoying renting clothes it is a nice sustainable way to live and also if you only like to wear certain clothing items only once like me (lol) it is a perfect option!



Rebecca Taylor Sweater

Blank NYC showstopper jeans

Tory Burch Bag 

My sizes

Jeans are a size 24 (true to size I would say)

Sweater size extra small (if you want a more oversized look size up!)

Top Fav Affordable Clothing Websites

I don’t know about y’all but I have a bad addiction to Revolve, ShopBop, and Free People!!! These clothing websites are amazing but can get SOOO expensive and for a gal in her early 20’s sometimes I don’t have the money for all these cute websites!!! Today I am going to talk about some of my favorite websites to shop from when I am not trying to break the bank! First off I want to talk about Macy’s! Macy’s has been my saving grace when finding Free People for dirt-cheap!!! Not only do they have free people items for cheaper they sometimes have newer full priced items at Free People marked down up to 50% off!!! Usually these are flash sales but if you keep an eye on this website pretty religiously you can really score some awesome picks for the season!!! Last Sunday I got two amazing sweaters marked down 50%!!! So definitely check out Macy’s if you are obsessed with Free People as much as I am! I will link them below! I am sure you all have heard of Vici Collection, I became obsessed with this online boutique pretty recently. They have a lot of cute trendy pieces for very affordable prices. The dress I am wearing pictured is actually from Vici Collection and as you can see when you dress it up with some gorgeous accessories this $50 dollar dress looks like an amazing fresh of the runway look. I also LOVE their sweaters they have SO MANY different options and they are very well priced especially for sweaters! Another affordable site I have been enjoying at the moment is NastyGal, you need to be careful though when ordering from them because some of their items can be extremely cheap and not good quality but if you hunt and search you can find some pretty awesome pieces at a very low price! Also they are almost always having some kind of sale from 60%-80%. It is a good place to rack up on trendy items that you probably will never wear again! Last but not least I want to talk about Lulus! Now this website does carry some more expensive items for sure but I believe the majority of their items are at a pretty fair price and their quality is amazing. Lulus also provides free shipping if you spend $50 dollars or more which is great considering most websites make you spend $100 or more to get free shipping. On another note if you are trying to smart shop especially around the holidays I HIGHLY suggest afterpay! I am so obsessed with afterpay it is basically where you pay for your items over 4 separate payments so you can budget your money! Instead of having to pay your 100 dollar total you would pay $25 dollars over 4 payments and no interest! I have been using it for about a year now and I am in love!  So y’all don’t forget to check out these fun affordable clothing websites, happy shopping my loves!

Stay wild, and stay barefoot




My Dress from Vici

Macy’s Free People section

Nasty Gal