Sweater Mania!

Sweater MANIA

Happy pre-fall y’all! Or should I say second summer for us here in Georgia. Okay so it’s about that time of year where all of your favorite boutiques, brands, and stores are covered in fall vibes. I know it may seem way to hot to shop for sweaters but ladies I am telling you NOW is the time to shop for cooler weather because by the time it is actually cold we will be shopping for all of our tropical vacations coming up in the spring/summer of 2020! Today we are going to talk about some of my favorite places to buy sweaters and sweater trends that you must indulge in this Fall 2019.

NOT just the Animal print but the Animal!!!!

So animal print has always been pretty in style but in the past couple of years it has come in full force to all our latest trends, but what I have been exclusively noticing for Fall 2019 is that brands have been putting the ACTUAL animal on our clothing instead of just the “print”. I personally have been loving this trend have seen turtlenecks with tigers all over, leopards, and much more. My personal favorite and my first purchase of this trend the famous Mink Pink Snow Leopard sweater pictured below. This sweater is pretty much already sold out everywhere. If you would like to order it though I know Bohemian Mama (www.bohemianmama.com) has this amazing sweater for pre-order so you can swoop this gorgeous knit up. Another way you could wear a sweater when it is warmer is pairing it with some shorts like the model below did.

2019_08_26_PlanetBlue-MINKPINK-0481_900x.progressive.jpg   a166e465d917034eec5c50e1acd60e6b_900x.jpg

Color Blocking in every size, shape, and form!

Bright colors in the fall and winter is definitely a trend that came about last fall and winter, I have noticed there are a lot of bright colors this fall as well but in more of a color blocking way. You can go CRAZY with your color blocking or you can keep it more simple, below I will be listing higher, middle, and lower end options of this awesome trend. If you are a big spender and love designer brands like me Revolve and Shopbop will have the color block trends for you, below I picture this gorgeous oversized Tibi Sweater I am so OBSESSED. Another fun option would be this gray and rainbow color blocked sweater from Free People, which you can buy at Revolve as well. This sweater color blocks with more of a striped detail. Lastly one of my favorite lower end online boutiques to buy sweaters from with the latest trends would be Vici!!! They are amazing, there sweaters run between 40 and 60 dollars and are AH-MAZING, they are very good quality as well. Below I picture one of favorites it is very bright and out there but definitely follows this color block trend this season.



Falling for Tie Dye!!!

Tie-dye has been extremely big this past spring and summer but I see it making its way to Fall as well, which I am SO HAPPY about!!!! I absolutely love tie dye I have been wearing the bright tie dye all summer so I am extremely happy about toning it down and wearing some more muted tie dye looks for the fall. Below is my favorite tie dye sweater of the season and definitely one of my must haves. This sweater of course is from Free People. It’s the Cosmos pullover, pop this on with a distressed pair of jeans and some booties and you are ready for fall! Other brands like daydreamer have great long sleeve tie dye pull overs that would be great for fall transitions and Shopbop as well has some gorgeous one of a kind tie dye looks that would be great to incorporate your Fall 2019 wardrobe.

tspor3022314ac6_q6_2-0._UX357_QL90_.jpg IMG_6401.jpg

Linked Below are all the sweaters I pictured! Happy fall sweater shopping chickens!

See the Rainbow Sweater 

Easy Street Sweater

Cosmos Pullover

Oversized Turtleneck Tibi

Cotton Tie Dye Sweater

Strawberry Shake Chevron Striped Sweater

Snow Leopard Knit Jumper

Stay Wild, Tan, and Barefoot



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