If you know me you know Tie dye is my absolute favorite! Something about colors twisted together in a gorgeous pattern makes me so happy! I have so many tie dye items I decided to compile several of my top picks this season! Linked below are some of my favorites! Click the picture to be taken to my Shop Style where you can shop all these amazing looks!

Shop Style Collective

As you can see I like to style my tie dye pieces in multiple ways! In the summer I love a cute cropped tie dye shirt with some soft light wash Levi’s or even over a bikini by the lake! In the winter I pair velvet tie dye skirts with long turtlenecks for a more winter vibe. Oversized sweaters like this Cosmo one from Free People is a great way to make a tie dye statement in the colder months! All of these products and more are linked to my collage I made up top!

My Fav Brands for Tie Dye

Obviously this trend is popping up in almost every brand nowadays, so here are several of my favorites I have been going back to nonstop!

  1. AgoldeThis brand is known for their amazing denim, but they also have curated some pretty awesome tie dye pieces as well. I currently own one of their sweatshirts and bodysuits both complete with tie dye and they are the most comfortable items I own! Agolde is just such an effortless brand, it is pretty pricey but definitely worth it!
  2. Free PeopleA brand that I will never stop buying! Free People holds a special place in my heart since I worked their for almost two years! But besides that they really do carry one of a kind pieces that not many people will have! The pullover I am wearing in my featured image is the Cosmos Pullover from Freeps and is definitely going to be my most worn item through spring and summer!
  3. Z-SupplyThis brand is not linked in my shopstyle but I will link the item I own here! This brand is great because it is amazing quality but for half the price of an Agolde or Free People item! Z-supply can be directly bought from their website or it can be found in many small boutiques!
  4. Urban Outfitters-Last but not least, urban has some amazing tie dye pieces and for a pretty good price as well! From tie dye socks to tie dye band tees, this brand is an amazing place to stock up on this coveted trend!

As Always

Stay Wild, and Stay Barefoot



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